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2008-9-12 17:37 哇三次
F.4 chemistry 問題.

Describe simple tests to show that :
a blue soild is a compound of copper.


2008-9-13 00:45 magiyafeimo
grind the solid into powder, dissolve it into distilled water see if it will be blue in color, if so, that means it contained Cu2+ ions and so it should be a copper compound, if not it may not be a copper compound. To further verify that, conduct a electrolysis on the solution, if copper can be found in the cathode, then the solid is a copper compound.

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2008-9-15 12:03 winsonham92
heat the solid in air with a Bunsen burner, if it is a copper compound, a bluish-green should be seen

2008-9-15 12:11 magiyafeimo

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2008-9-17 10:46 timothy7
基本上所有Metal Cation用係用Flame test.
係d Anion先要諗點test咋.
不過你個老師應該會有Data book比你跟住做, 所以其實都係腦殘Lab

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