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請問有冇識chem?我唔係好明書入面嘅內容w:031: ,但就黎要考試,我讀緊中三,希望大家解答

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naming of element
proton electron
reactivity of metal
ionic compound and convalent compound

2009-6-6 12:43 yam1314
有冇人有中三嗰本 chemistry a modern view:Microscopic World I 1B?我唔係好明入面啲內容

2009-6-6 14:36 ZeroYip
well i don't have that book
give me the topic of each chapter then i can tell u in detail

2009-6-6 17:29 yam1314
Atomic structure,
The periodic table,
Chemical bonding: ionic bonding,
Chemical bonding: covalent bonding,
Structures and properties of substances
w:003: Can you teach me?

2009-6-7 02:10 ZeroYip
1 by 1
for period table:
You need to know what is period and group
for group there are mainly 8 group
for group1 it is called: alkali metals
group 2 :alkaline earth metals
group 7:halogens
group 8:noble gas
also u need to know where is transition metals
and which is metalloids
when the element going down a group the atom size increase
when the element going to right through period the atom size decrease.

For Atomic structure
you need to know within a atom
there are 3 improtance substance
electron proton and neutron
proton will determine the chemical property of that element.
number of proton equal to the mass of the element in the period table
also equal the number of electron in that element.
proton is positive charge while electron charge.
while neutron have no charger at all
If an element have same number of proton but difference number of neutrons it is called isotopes.
istopes will have difference number of mass number but same number of atomic number(atomic number = number of proton)

2009-6-7 02:17 ZeroYip
Chemical bonding: ionic bonding,
For ionic bond
it must be metal ion with nonmetal ion
like Na react with Cl
it will form NaCl
for ionic bond
it must be both cation and anions present
the number of cations and anions must be such that the net charger is zero.
and the charger for cation will equal to its group number
like Na will be Na+ as it is is group 1
for anion the charger will equal to (8- its group number)
like Cl as it is group 7 so the charger for Cl will be Cl-

example is MgCl2
as Mg is Mg2+
Cl is Cl-
so to make the charger to be zero
we need 2 chloride ion
so that the compound will be MgCl2

2009-6-7 14:22 ZeroYip
for covalent bonding
it is a bond that for nonmetal how the bond together
the nonmetal ion they shared the outermost electron to reach stable(outermost shell need to have 8 electron)

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yam not herE?

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very useful. thx

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That's useful! Thanks a lot! I use this book too. I remember more through your taught. Thank you!

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