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2009-8-18 11:37 C!N`

Changes occur in a zinc-carbon cell after discharging for a long time.
Discuss the differences between a new zinc-carbon cell and a used zinc-carbon based on
the cell reactions occurred during discharge.

2009-8-21 00:51 ericleeex
(1)service life is decreasing(i.e. voltage)
但如果係based on個cell reaction occurred during discharged,
(1)oxidation of zinc case(used:(1)thinner zinc case(2)more aqueous zinc ions are formed)
(2)reduction of ammonium ions in ammonium chloride paste(used:more pungent smell aqueous ammonia gas)
(3)reduction of manganese(IV) oxide(used:decrease in concentration due to continuous oxidation of hydrogen gas formed)
total個result會leakage,voltage decrease due to decrease in concentration of the above substances,more pungent ammonia solution is formed,curerent produced is decreased because of the accumulation of hydrogen and decreasing concentraion of manganese(IV) oxide?

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