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6條F5 Chem MC((急!!!

8.In an experiment, sulphur dioxide is passed into an iodine solution which is prepared by dissolving some iodine in potassium iodine solution. Which of the following statements concerning this experiment is correct?
  A The colour of the iodine solution changes from purple to colourless.
  B A brown solid is formed.
  C A displacement reaction occurs.
  D Sulphur dioxide is oxidized to sulphate ions.
10.Which of the following are correct descriptions of the uses of sulphuric acid?
   (1) Treatment of metal surfaces in the electroplating industry
   (2) Manufacture of paint additives
   (3) Manufacture of fertilizers
  A (1) and (2) only
  B (1) and (3 )only
  C (2) and (3) only
  D (1), (2) and (3)
12.Concentrated sulphric acid is corrosive to skin because
   (1) it is a dehydrating agent.
   (2) it  is an oxidizing agent.
   (3) each molecule of sulphuric acid has two ionizable hydrogen atoms.
  Which of the following are important uses of sulphur dioxide?
  A (1) and (2) only
  B (1) and (3) only
  C (2) and (3) only
  D (1), (2) and (3)
13.Which of the following statements concerning the reaction of iron(Ⅱ) cardonate with 1 M sulphuric acid is/are correct?
   (1) Sulphric acid acts as an acid.
   (2) Sulphric acid acts as an oxidizing agent.
   (3) Sulphric acid acts as a dehydrating agent.
  A (1) only
  B (2) only
  C (1) and (3) only
  D (2) and (3) only
14.Which of the following substances can be used to distinguish between concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid?
   (1) Sodium carbonate powder
   (2) Copper turnings
   (3) Cane sugar
  A (1) and (2) only
  B (1) and (3) only
  C (2) and (3) only
  D (1), (2) and (3)
15.Which of the following statements concerning sulphur dioxide are correct?
   (1) It can be prepared by heating copper turnings with concentrated sulphric acid.
   (2) It is denser then air.
   (3) It can be aborbed by sodium hydroxide solution.
  A (1) and (2) only
  B (1) and (3) only
  C (2) and (3) only
  D (1), (2) and (3)

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